About TNTributes

Terry will open the show and warm the audience, get them singing and clapping along to the first few numbers. He’ll move on to sing some songs as if the real artiste were in the room on the night, whilst monitoring the audience to see how they are reacting, changing songs and using additional material (from Elvis to Classic Rock n Roll and Party Music) to keep the audience engaged and happy; this from the serious ardent fan, to the person who simply wants to be entertained. He can also steer a show towards involving a special audience member on their birthday, anniversary etc. All shows (1, 2 or 3 sets available) are structured to work with the audience moving from quietly enjoying the spectacle, singing along, on towards getting up and dancing the night away.

Typical examples of combinations available are:

Meet Loaf – Full Tribute * Meet Loaf meets Rokky Horror Show
Grea5e meets Commitments & Motown
Rokky Horror meets Grease * Blues Brothers meets The Commitments
The Commitments meets Motown and Soul
Grease meets Classic Rock n Roll
Blues Brothers – Full Tribute

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