The Blues Brothers…


The 'Blues Brothers'

No matter how large or small your function, the CHICAGO HIT SQUAD BLUES BROTHERS Tribute Show can be tailored to meet your particular requirements.
Here, Terry augments his vocal range, style, power and physical appearance to that of either John Belushi from the original film (1980), or of John Goodman from the sequel Blues Brothers 2000 (1998).  Observing the desire amongst many audience members at his Meet Loaf tributes to dance and carry on partying, and at the request of a number of major UK Tribute Agencies, Terry began to experiment with alternatives to extend the final sets in his shows to accommodate this.

In Action!!

With only ‘106 miles to Chicago’ Rock London, when it was ‘dark’ and he was wearing sunglasses’, Terry donned the black suit and Trilby, and Jakes Blues2 was born.  He searched high and low ‘…on a mission from God’ for the ‘lost brother’ “Elwood”, whom he found in John Iles, an entertainer in his own right who had recently returned from a tour of Europe, Scandinavia and the sub-continent. Since this meeting in 1997, THE CHICAGO HIT SQUAD BLUES BROTHERS TRIBUTE has been a full on professional show.  A truly energetic and vocally authentic tribute to the Blues Brothers.  In recent years, guest vocalists have joined the line-up to accommodate the logistics of extensive touring.