Performance / Vocal Coach (cont’d)

Terry has taught across all age ranges from school years through to middle aged performers. From singers who wish to improve their range and stamina to beginners who wish to maximise the quality of their performance because they are entering a competitive environment, and students that simply wish to learn and develop new song and singing styles. His approach in recognising the individual’s requirements is geared heavily towards allowing the student to discover WHO THEY ARE ON STAGE thus helping to remove fear, loathing and anxiety from the performance. One of the fundamental secrets of Terry’s commercial success is that through his identifying various characters or masks to perform behind, he became free to express his voice and persona on stage. This, albeit a commercial coaching practice, is nonetheless the essential gift that Terry’s students will receive. The barriers to learning will be lifted, and the student can fly knowing who they truly are on stage.

Star Sensations

Terry shares his knowledge with hopefuls during ‘STAR SENSATIONS‘. He will be attends as many of the auditions and heats as possible and is available for general advice to all that apply equally in the context of group moral. However Terry is also available commercially (but at a special discounted rate) for teaching and coaching in voice and performance, to Star Sensations contestants. This will be either on a one to one or group basis.

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