Rokky Horror Picture Show

The Tribute Show

Some of the cast!

The tongue-in-cheek tribute to the music & spirit of The Rocky Horror Show has received the ultimate accolade:

On 20th October 2007, the cast & crew performed alongside the maestro himself, Richard O’Brien & the original Magenta, Patricia Quinn.  There is surely no greater honour for, or testament to the quality of a Tribute Act than to perform with THE ORIGINAL ARTISTES

In The Beginning:

After his acclaimed performance as Meat Loaf on ITV’s ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ Terry extensively toured the UK and Europe, during which time many audiences began to demand the inclusion of the character ‘Eddie’ played by Meat in the The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Sharman, J. 1975).

For a time, this saw Terry including the song ‘Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul’ within his Meet Loaf sets.  The reaction, particularly amongst the fans of ‘Rocky’ was infectious.  This developed further as audiences went on to request ‘The Timewarp’, ‘Sweet Transvestite’ and ‘Eddie’s Teddy’ (O’Brien, R. 1971-5).  As the inclusion of the above songs grew, Terry’s various female singers became involved in the vocals.  The next logical step became irresistible; create a full tribute to ‘The Rocky Horror Show’.  A flexible cast of stunning vampettes and sweet transvestites were recruited to pay tribute to the other characters from the original production.