Vocal Coaching

Terry Nash has been a full-time professional entertainer now for over 15 years. Whilst this choice of career is firmly rooted in the devising and performance of a number of Tribute Shows, it is supported by sound academic achievement (BA Hons Performing Arts from University College Winchester) and post compulsory teaching practice (CFET parts 1 and 2) at Bournemouth and Poole College Drama Department. Terry is full of passion and emotion in his delivery, both vocal and physical. His teaching style is firmly grounded in the belief and knowledge that every person is an individual and has different learning styles and needs. Terry therefore adapts his teaching methods and techniques to suit, thus providing a truly individual custom learning program. This is further supported by his extensive experience within Rock, Pop, Light Opera, Musical Theatre, and Large Scale Tribute Productions from Meatloaf through to the Blues Brothers, Rocky Horror, Grease and The Commitments.

Terry has taught across all age ranges from school years through to middle aged performers. From singers who wish to improve their range and stamina to beginners who wish to maximise the quality of their performance because they are entering a competitive environment, and students that simply wish to learn and develop new song and singing styles. His approach in recognising the individual’s requirements is geared heavily towards allowing the student to discover WHO THEY ARE ON STAGE thus helping to remove fear, loathing and anxiety from the performance. One of the fundamental secrets of Terry’s commercial success is that through his identifying various characters or masks to perform behind, he became free to express his voice and persona on stage. This, albeit a commercial coaching practice, is nonetheless the essential gift that Terry’s students will receive. The barriers to learning will be lifted, and the student can fly knowing who they truly are on stage.